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Snoop Dogg thanks himself for star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

STAR: Snoop Dogg

SNOOP DOGG received his long-awaited star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday (Nov 19), and the one person he wanted to thank for the prestigious honour was himself.

At the ceremony, which took place on Hollywood Boulevard, Snoop Dogg was accompanied by his family and celebrity friends including Dr. Dre, Pharrell Williams, director John Singleton, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and Warren G, as he unveiled his very own star.

During the event, music producer Quincy Jones introduced the rapper to the stage, describing him as a "visionary".

He said: "I am so enormously proud of all you have achieved professionally, man. And personally too, for making doggy style a way of life. And for being one of the first entrepreneurs to be a positive role model and influence in the community.

"And it's no surprise to me because I've always known there's no undertaking or challenge you could not overcome.

"You are not just an artist and entertainer you are a visionary and you deserve this star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and every other recognition that comes your way."

Taking to the podium, the rapper thanked Jones alongside his collaborators and fans, and also, thanked himself.

"I want to thank me for believing in me, I want to thank me for doing all this hard work, I want to thank me for having no days off, I want to thank me for never quitting, I want to thank me for always being a giver and trying to give more than I receive," said the 47-year-old.

"I want to thank me for trying to do more right than wrong, I want to thank me for just being me at all times. Snoop Dogg, you a bad motherf*****."

Snoop Dogg's was the 2,651st star on the Walk Of Fame.

Watch the clip below:

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