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South Africa election: Cyril Ramaphosa’s ANC wins


THE AFRICAN National Congress party has emerged victorious in the South African election.

The party was set to hold on to its 57 per cent share of the vote when 80 per cent of the votes had been counted earlier today.

The Democratic Alliance, the main opposition party, reportedly secured 21 per cent of the vote, while the Economic Freedom Fighters party was in third place with a 10 per cent share.

If the ANC’s overall majority falls below 60 per cent, it will be their lowest share of the vote in the country’s national election since 1994, the year of South Africa’s inaugural democratic elections.

Despite the decrease in support, the ANC has remained positive.

“People have shown they are willing to forgive the ANC,” Reuters reported Ronald Lamola, a member of the ANC’s top governing body said. “We are looking at a clear mandate for our policies.”

The victory will see the ANC’s leader and current president Cyril Ramaphosa remain in power.

Ramaphosa, a former union boss and businessman, succeeded Jacob Zuma as the party’s leader in 2017.

Zuma agreed to resign as president after he was threatened with a no-confidence vote and lost the support of his party and considerable amounts of voters. The 77-year-old has been at the centre of numerous corruption allegations and is currently facing the prospect of a corruption prosecution.

The ANC’s support has been declining over the years. A lack of faith in the party’s willingness to adequately address corruption, rising unemployment and poor public services have all contributed to voter dissatisfaction.

Ramaphosa referred to some of the concerns as he cast his vote.

"We have made mistakes but we have been sorry about those mistakes and we are saying our people should reinvest their confidence in us," the BBC reported he said.

"Corruption got into the way, patronage got into the way and not focusing on the needs of our people got in the way."

The complete election results are expected on Saturday.

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