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Spice shocks fans with ‘skin bleached’ look

BLEACHED SKIN: Dancehall star Spice sporting her new look (Image Spice/Instagram)

DANCEHALL SINGER Spice has shocked fans by posting images of herself with white skin and long blonde hair.

The Jamaican star, who has joined the VH1 Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast, captioned the image with the words: “Nothing wrong with a fresh start.”

While some fans have expressed their concern at her new appearance, others have picked holes in it, calling it photoshop and a media stunt ahead of the release of her new mixtape.

One Twitter user said: “She went from Spice to Flour real quick. Don’t bleach your skin, melanin’ is life y’all. #DarkSkinAndProud.”

Another tweeted: “And there goes another Jamaican entertainer proudly bleaching. Spice, I was rooting for you. Say no to bleaching.”

Some have even said there is a hard-hitting message behind it all.

“She got a powerful message and it’s the same people who always saying spice nuh pretty, she black and ugly etc commenting now how she sell out and she bleaching all sort of thing and probably won’t hear one word of this song cuz they just born badmind and hypocritical,” one Twitter user said.

In the image posted on her Instagram page, her tattoos are missing, something that supports the speculation that the apparent skin bleaching is just temporary and possibly achieved using makeup as opposed to creams.

Spice, whose real name is Grace Hamilton, responded to the comments with another post via Snapchat. She said: “Since the photo was photoshopped. How did I video shop this on Snapchat?”

She also told fans that she had changed her mind about when she would release the video for her new song Black Hypocrisy and announced it will be out tomorrow.

She said: “When you wake up tmro [sic] my Video for Black Hypocrisy will be out.”

The announcement and the song itself has led many to think that her change of appearance is connected to her new music.

Spice has also deleted all of her photos on her Instagram page, a marketing tool that many artists employ before the launch of new material.

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