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Sponsorship up for grabs for African communities

SUPPORT: Africa! Community Award

A NEW AWARD is honouring the African communities, individuals and companies by offering the opportunity to win one of eight MoneyGram sponsorships.

The African Community Award, powered by MoneyGram will award projects with a sustainable influence on the African diaspora in the UK.

Prizes will be awarded to two winners in each of the following four categories:   
- Sports
- Social commitment/Education 
- Entrepreneurship
- Culture 

There are more than 800 African associations in the UK. In addition, there are companies and individuals supporting social and cultural causes - from dance groups to athletic clubs, from organisers of integrative cultural events to aid organisations.

MoneyGram, as one of the leading global money transfer providers, rewards this wide and diverse range of commitment by supporting the Africa! Community Award.

A five-member jury consisting of representatives from the African community and MoneyGram will determine the winners.

The first prize winners of each category will be awarded with a MoneyGram sponsorship of £500, the 2nd prize winners of each category will be awarded with a MoneyGram sponsorship of £250.

MoneyGram knows how difficult it can be for Africans in the UK to settle in their new home country while maintaining close ties to family and friends in Africa and supporting them financially from a distance. Following their slogan “That’s the African Way – discover your way”, MoneyGram offers their African customers many options to send and receive money at affordable fees and great exchange rates.
MoneyGram also offers more than fast, reliable and affordable money transfers to Africa. The recent Africa Community Awards is a good example of how the company supports and engages with the African communities. This is also why MoneyGram have supported several African events in the UK this year, like the Ghana Music Awards, the UK Black Business Show and the Film Africa Festival in London.

To find out more about the Africa! Community Award including the terms & conditions and to apply online visit:

Registrations can be submitted online until December 31 2018.

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