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Stacey Abrams is first black female nominee for governor

HISTORIC: Stacey Abrams, the first black female nominee for governor, is on her way to become the first black female governor of a US state (Image: Stacey Abrams/Twitter)

POLITICIAN, LAWYER and author Stacey Abrams won victory in Georgia’s Democratic primary on Tuesday (May 22), making her the first black female nominee for governor of a US state.

The former state house minority leader defeated former state republican Stacey Evans, who ran a campaign that tried to appeal to moderates and independent voters.

Abrams, aged 44, who grew up in the deeply conservative state of Mississippi said before the election: “As an African American woman, I will be doing something no one else has done.”

Throughout her campaign, Abrams has been well recognised as a leading figure in bringing about positive changes to Georgia.

“We know the steps to take to reduce the prevalence of gun violence in our country. Assault weapons have no place in the hands of civilians,” she said in one of her many powerful campaigns.

Abrams has won the support of fellow political leaders. Congressman John Lewis said: “Stacey Abrams is the only leader in the race who has the experience and an ambitious vision to uplift all families in our state.”

In her victory speech last night, Abrams said: “When the unexpected becomes the truth, it reminds us of who we are, how we’ve stumbled and how we’ve flourished.

“And it commands that we embrace our obligation to live up to Georgia’s tradition of pride and of promise, but to always remember our very complex roots.

“And together we will shape a future with a boundless belief in historic investment in the children at the very core of every decision we make.”

After the announcement, Abrams took to Facebook where she wrote: “Tonight’s victory was only the beginning. The road to November will be long and tough, but the next step is one we take together.”

If she wins, Abrams will become the country’s first black female governor.

Watch her victory speech here

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