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Star launches 'Do It Right Now' campaign for the youth

SUPPORT: Leee John

AT LEAST 58 people have been fatally stabbed in the capital since the beginning of the year, with London taking over for New York's murder rate in March.

With an unprecedented surge in violent crime and youths playing a major part, the lead vocalist for 80’s hit group IMAGINATION, Leee John is taking action.

‘The Do it Right Now’ campaign - motivated by songs from his latest acclaimed album Retropia - launches in London on Wednesday 2 May with a hard-hitting 11 minute short film, working with some incredibly inspiring individuals.

This emotive campaign is driven by a personal desire by Leee John to inspire young lives so that they ‘embrace the moment’ and make the most of life. Faced with his own struggles growing up in a politically turbulent London, he wants to use his learnings to help others battling with the same challenges.

John said: “The young are the leaders of tomorrow. Let us show them that through our own hardship and struggles, we have the tools to survive and not through crime, vengeance or negative impressions.

CAMPAIGN: 'Do It Right Now'

'Let’s create stronger platforms of leadership so we can all as people live for today, tomorrow and for our children and their children for the future. Working with such inspiring individuals I hope their stories through our ‘Do It Right Now’ campaign will engage and inspire today’s young generation for the better.”

‘Do it Right Now’ and ‘Police and Thieves’ - music from his latest album - act as central focus points of this wider campaign, and echo messages of support and hope to the younger generation.

The new ‘Police and Thieves’ short film and music video uses inspiring individuals who have each overcome personal adversity to succeed - and shares their messages of hope for the next generation.

Their powerful testimonies include their dilemmas and challenges, and showcases their own individual triumphs. The film used to launch ‘The Do It Right Now’ campaign also features a mixed group of London youngsters and highlights their views, fears and aspirations.

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