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Stars share their battle with discrimination in new campaign

CAMPAIGN: Ray BLK is one of the many names supporting LoveMusic HateRacism’s ‘Beautiful Resistance’ campaign

LIANNE LA HAVAS, Ray BLK, Grace Carter and Kara Marni joined forces last week to launch LoveMusicHateRacism‘s ‘Beautiful Resistance’ campaign and celebrate International Women’s Day and Women's History Month.

The two-week campaign aims to unite, inspire, engage and empower people in the ght against racism through a shared love of music. To kick it off, Lianne La Havas, Ray BLK, Grace Carter and Kara Marni shared their own inspirational personal stories around culture, identity and discrimination in an emotionally raw video on YouTube.

Lianne, who is half Greek and half Jamaican, recalls recently being called a “black b***h” by a security guard at a club in Australia while trying to protect her petite friend from being pushed around.

Singer-songwriter Ray BLK provides an honest account of the racism she experienced at the start of her career and expresses the importance of being your unique self.

When asked what she loves about her Nigerian heritage, she explains energetically: “We are very loud, we express ourselves and we’re very free. I think that’s what I love... we are unapologetically ourselves.”

Singer Grace speaks about her Jamaican roots, reflecting on her own identity, while Kara Marni talks about her grandparents who were immigrants from Cyprus.

When questioned on what a world without racism means to her, Grace says: “Everyone living together in the same place and embracing each other for who they are and not the colour of their skin.”

When asked what advice she would give to her younger self, Ray sums this up in a powerful sentence: “Don’t dim your light so other people can shine.”


Kara says: “A world without racism should be exactly what it should be, where people get their opportunities off their skill-set, off their talent and who they are, not what they look like. I hope to one day be in a world where I can see that.”

Over 80 high-profile artists, musicians and talent will also be taking part in conversation pieces throughout the campaign, including Craig David, Ed Sheeran, Mahalia, Jorja Smith, Josh Groban, Liam Payne, Paloma Faith, Sean Paul, Nile Rodgers and The 1975.

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