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Stop and search feedback wanted

STOP AND SEARCH: Police apprehend a suspect

HER MAJESTY’S Chief Inspector of Constabulary (HMIC) has released a new survey seeking feedback on the police’s stop and search powers.

The inspection body wants “to hear” from people who have experienced stop and search firsthand.

The main point of the investigation is for the HMIC to publish a report into the police power, determining whether “the police are being fair and following the rules when they stop and search people in the street.”

Within this goal, the investigation aims to also look at whether police are utilising the power to effectively combat crime, establish if officers in the field are tactically aware and using the power in an evidence-based way, and identify if the power can be used to build trust in the police, instead of eroding it.

In 2012, the Government asked HMIC to inspect how all police forces in England and Wales use stop and search to fight crime.

One of the main factors behind the inspection is the increasing scrutiny stop and search is under – the London School of Economics report into the 2011 summer riots found that people perceived the police power as a contributory cause to the disorder.

The public survey is one of three other strands to the HMIC report, which also examines documented police strategies and interviews officers, in order to formulate a national report that aims to improve how the tactic is used.

If you have been stopped and searched, please fill in a short survey

You don’t need to give your name. Your views will be used to help make sure that the police stop and search people fairly in the future.

If you’d like to receive an update when the report is due to be published please email

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