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Stop giving Cher Lloyd attention!

SUCCESS: Cher Lloyd in new video, Swagger Jagger

WHILE MANY people seem to absolutely hate Cher Lloyd and her music, this has not been reflected in the sales for her annoying, yet catchy first single Swagger Jagger.

The success of the single, which looks set to grab the number one spot in the UK charts this Sunday (August 7), is sure to be an ego boost for the former X Factor hopeful, who has received an awful lot of criticism about her debut track.

Many have dubbed the track cheesy and annoying, while others feel the Worcestershire-born singer/rapper, who received tons of praise from former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole whilst on the show, is untalented and overrated. Posted under the video for her single on YouTube, one comment read: “After hearing this, she [Cher] should maybe look at her future flippin burgers,” while another read “she sucks and can’t sing.”

HIT: The teen was a hit on ITV's X Factor

But with Lloyd’s single having sold over 30,000 copies, it would seem that the 17-year-old is about to make the critics eat their words.

So how and why is this young girl, who seems to have more haters than fans, making her way up the charts? The answer is simple really: all publicity is good publicity. I would have loved to avoid that cliché, however, in this case it applies. For Lloyd, all the hype and ‘hateration’ has clearly helped to boost her single.

Whilst people have hated on her, they have been making her fans more determined to see her succeed – hence her ridiculously high sales for such a poor song. Every time we mention her name on a social networking site, we cause someone to go and think about her. And every time we click on the video on YouTube to show our friends the monstrosity, we are contributing to her attention.

Yes, I’m aware of the irony of writing an article about her, urging others not to talk about her. But it’s merely to encourage the haters to give her NO FURTHER attention. Cheryl Cole may have dubbed the all-singing-all-rapping pop wannanbe ‘unique’. But all Lloyd has done is emulate the ‘swagger’ that countless artists before her have possessed, and somehow managed to convince the likes of Cole that what she has is fresh and new.

Stop giving this girl airtime dear haters! She is loving the attention and the abuse is only ammunition for her to make another single. Trust me when I say, soon her over emphasized ‘uniqueness’ will fade and someone new will come our way!

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