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Stormzy given piano lessons by Sir Paul McCartney

PIANO LESSONS: Stormzy picked up tips from Sir Paul McCartney

STORMZY'S PIANO skills have improved thanks to a little help from his friends – and an extremely famous friend in particular.

The 25-year-old MC improved his piano playing thanks in part to none other than Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, the singer has revealed.

The 76-year-old was asked for advice by the grime star on how to improve his musicianship, so he gave him a "basic" lesson in tinkling the ivories.

McCartney said: "Stormzy asked for advice. He's looking to advance his music.

"As a rapper, I thought he'd have words down, but there was a piano, so I showed him basic stuff – how you get middle C, make a chord, a triad and, just by moving that, get D minor, E minor, F, G, A minor, and how that's enough for anyone."

The Norwegian Wood hitmaker caused a stir with an unlikely collaboration with Kanye West and Rihanna on Four Five Seconds in 2014 and he admitted he had no idea what the track would sound like, or even that it would feature the Work hitmaker, until it was finished.

He told the Sunday Times magazine: "Working with Kanye, I'm sitting around the Beverly Hills bungalow, (strumming a slower riff than was used on the track).

"I originally thought we would sit down and [play something upbeat] 'Well, today's a good day!' And he'd go, 'Yes, it sure is.' And I'd go, 'Come on now, Kanye, we have gotta take a p**s!' Or whatever. But it turned out it wasn't like that. He recorded with his iPhone and, months later, I got this...

"I didn't even know we were connected to Rihanna!"

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