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Stormzy's on a mission to highlight spectrum of black talent

ON A MISSION: Stormzy wants to inspire others

STORMZY HAS said he is on a mission to show the world that young black Brits are “a whole spectrum” of things.

The grime MC, who is the February cover star of Elle magazine, alongside a few of his famous friends, has expressed his frustration about how young black people are portrayed in Britain.

Speaking to Elle UK, he said: “When you look back, there’s been incredible achievements, but black Britishness is not always well documented.

“This country [has a history of] reducing young black British men and women, but we’re a whole spectrum of incredible things, and we’re on a mission to show that to the world... ”

He added: “We’re making something so incredible, who knows what it will trigger.”

“[I want] people to see this and realise if you are young black and British you can 100 per cent excel in whatever lane you want.”

The Brit and Mobo award winner described the group as “powerful and incredible young Brits coming together like Avengers”.

As part of his efforts to demonstrate that there is a lot more to black youth than the stereotypes give them credit for, the grime artist has chosen to highlight the achievements of some of the black men and women making waves in their fields.

Featuring in next month’s issue of the magazine with Stormzy are Jourdan Dunn, Wilfried Zaha, Leomie Anderson, Temi Mwale, Tiana Major9, Yrsa Daley-Ward, Joshua Batsi and Dina Asher-Smith and Damson Idris.

Aside from sharing the shine with his peers already in the spotlight, the 25-year-old is also working to create opportunities for young black people in Britain.

Stormzy, whose real name is Michael Omari has launched a scholarship in partnership with Cambridge University to cover the costs of two black students in higher education at the prestigious institution, which has faced considerable criticism over its lack of diversity.

He’s also set up Penguin publishing imprint #Merky Books, which will give a new generation of voices a platform in the industry.

The February issue of Elle UK is out now.

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