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Stylez J talks inspiration, new music and career highlights

Multi-talented: Creative, artist and DJ Stylez J

IT’S PANCAKE Day or, as it’s more traditionally known, Shrove Tuesday, a day of feasting and celebration before the six week period of Lent. I know I’ll be having a variety of fillings, I blame the kids though... I need to get my pancake flipping game on point again! I must admit, it’s the perfect yearly excuse for a cheat day before holding out until Easter Sunday. I’m thinking about giving up all sweet treats and sugar this Lent, how about you?

Anticipation is rising ahead of the British Basketball Trophy Final this coming weekend. And yes, my boys at the London Lions are killing it with their double win over the weekend! The Lions continue to sit at top spot of the League! I’ve got to say, I’m proud and thankful to represent as team DJ! Shout outs to Brandon Peel and the high-flying LaDarius Tabb – great catching up with you guys! Best of luck for the Trophy Final. You got this!

Mr Play with Brandon Peel, left, and the high-flying LaDarius Tabb, right

This week I catch up with multi-talented creative, DJ, and singer, Stylez J. With a new single out this March, find out more about him here:

Q: Who is Stylez J?

A: Stylez J is a creative, DJ and singer from east London/Essex. I’m a cool dude with a passion for everything that revolves around some form of art, from an African background. I am good vibes and positive energy. A big dreamer with the hopes of leaving my mark in this world.

Q: Who are your inspirations?

A: I’d say mainly 2pac and Donnell Jones. 2pac as we had a similar type of childhood and I could always relate to his stories, and his music helped me to be able to express and to be honest with myself and others. Because of 2pac, I actually wanted to be a rapper first and used to write a lot of poetry. Donnell Jones was the guy that brought out the soft side of me and made me want to sing and talk to women. I'd sing along to his music every day and in doing that, I didn't know that I was teaching myself to sing and was learning a lot of melodies that would later help me along the way as a singer.

Q: What have been your major accomplishments so far?

A: Well as a DJ I've played for Drake, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross I've been on the road with an upcoming artist Imani and we pretty much toured around London. We were featured on national TV, on CBBC and on ITV. I’ve played in all major venues across London for the past 10 years and I've held a club residency for the most of my DJ career. I shot one of my first videos in Atlanta, which was a huge experience for me at the time.

Q: What advice can you share with other up and coming artists?

A: Stay true to your art don't let anyone change it or try [to] adjust it because it’s your art and you need to express it and have it out in its rawest and most honest form. Do not give up. It’s always hard at first but the more you go on, the more things start to make sense. And never stop dreaming. Keep working and focus most of your energy on what you love, pay no mind to negativity and I promise, you will grow!

Q: When is your next music release?

A: My next single is coming [this month]. It’s a song off my EP Allure titled I See You featuring Levi. This one is a banger!

Q: Can you share any future plans?

A: Just to keep releasing good music, projects, work with and collaborate with other artists and to perform!

Q: Where can we find you?

A: On social media, Instagram and Twitter: @Stylez_J

You can find my music on most major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Deezer. Search Stylez J - Allure for my latest EP.

Additional contributions by Steph D’Sa

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