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Super celery: The new social media fad that actually works

GREEN DREAM: Celery juice has a number of health benefits

AH, CELERY. Who would have thought this underrated plant could be causing such a stir? If you haven’t heard, celery juice is on its way to becoming the next superfood. With celebrities including Gabrielle Union and Australian model Shanina Shaik jumping on the bandwagon, celery juice is fast becoming the go-to immune-boosting supplement.

You only have to search #celeryjuice on social media to check out what all the fuss is about. But if this is the first you’ve heard of this new trend, The Voice bring you the amazing benefits of this previously overlooked phenomenon.

Gut-boosting benefits
Gut health is one of the most talked about subjects right now – and for good reason.

PICTURED: Australian model Shanina Shaik has recently championed celery

Your gut is responsible for so many different aspects of your health, from balancing your mood to lowering the risk of disease.

Celery, however, is hugely overlooked as a gut healing food. It is cheap, cheerful and packed full of nutrients, including hydrochloric acid (HCl), which can cause digestive issues if your body is lacking in it.

HCl, also known as stomach acid, aids in the breakdown of the foods we eat, especially proteins.

When HCl levels become low, a common occurrence with those suffering from autoimmune diseases. It can cause a number of problems such as, indigestion, acid reflux or even IBS. This can cause havoc on your digestive and throw it completely out of sync, in turn not being able to fully digest your food, which means you aren’t able to absorb some of the essential nutrients we get from our food.

You’re probably wondering how something as simple as celery can be so powerful. Well, celery contains important minerals and mineral salts that can significantly boost digestion, absorption and utilisation of the food we eat in a day.

Celery juice should be taken immediately upon waking up on an empty stomach for maximum benefits.

You should extract the juice using a juicer, consuming only the juice and disregard the pulp. A blender can also be used but will need to be strained using a muslin cloth. Results should be noticeable around seven days into your juicing routine, where you should start to feel the positive changes.

Up to 16 ounces a day are recommended daily which is roughly a whole bunch of celery, to up your levels of HCl, which can be taken for as long as you like. The benefits of celery juicing are endless and go way beyond just the gut, from the thyroid to the liver, celery can change your health for the better.

HEALTH: Liver Rescue by Anthony William

Other benefits
Cleanses the thyroid

According to Anthony William, aka Medical Medium on Instagram and author of Liver Rescue, the mineral salts in celery help to fight and cleanse the body of the EpsteinBarr virus, particularly in the thyroid. Celery can also help to boost production of important thyroid hormones in those with hypothyroidism.

Detoxes the liver
Celery’s detoxifying properties help to remove bad bacteria, fungi, mould, viruses and other toxins from the liver. The phytonutrients found in the green stalks also can have a protective effect on the liver.

Anti-inflammatory qualities
Celery contains luteolin, a potent flavonoid that can act as an antioxidant and calm inflammation.

It has been shown in scientific studies to have a powerful inhibitory effect on certain enzymes, which activate genes responsible for the inflammation response.

Polyacetylenes also reduce inflammation by lowering levels of inflammatory prostaglandins in your body.

This makes it good for autoimmune conditions such as lupus, arthritis, IBS, high blood pressure and so much more.

Great for heart health
Studies have shown that by including celery extract in your diet you can help prevent strokes, lower blood pressure, and reduce plaque in arteries.

Boosts your nervous system
Celery plays a major role in supporting the nervous system. It has a calming effect on the nervous system because of its detoxify properties. It is also a blood purifier, providing support for the nervous system.

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