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Swindle and Kojey Radical team up for new release


SWINDLE AND Kojey Radical have released a new video for Coming Home.

Fronted by Kojey with a comedic flair, he leads a playful tour through its many scene changes, gradually stripping away his different layers of stardom.

Swindle, meanwhile, takes his typically low-key approach: tying things together in the background, he makes various cameo appearances throughout, fixing up mic stands and setting the scene.


The video is directed by photographer Olivia Rose, an award-winning documentor of UK grime and the co-creator, with journalist Hattie Collins, of 2016’s This Is Grime.

She looked to make something that would stand apart from run-of-the-mill promo videos, reflecting the expansive vision behind the track. She says: “Coming Home feels like another banger born from Swindle’s amazing ability to push the artists he works with in new directions.

“I’m hoping we’ve made a video that feels different to the generic UK music promos that get pushed out time and time again.”


Coming Home is the second single from Swindle’s No More Normal project, a celebration of the connections that are formed through shared experience.

Bringing extra fanfare is Manchester’s party-starting brass band Riot Jazz and a lush string section, all coming together to create a lavish backdrop.

It follows the success of Reach The Stars, featuring Andrew Ashong, which has been tearing up the UK airwaves.

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