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Taekwondo Champion launches memoir in London

NEW BOOK: Kick Start Your Life by Grand Master Ewan Briscoe

A DRAMATIC battle took place inside London's Institute of Directors earlier this month (Oct 2) during the launch of Kick Start Your Life, an inspirational biography written by nine-times British Taekwondo Champion Grand Master Ewan Briscoe.

Fortunately, the gang of three youths who interrupted the literary event, are dedicated students at the Panther Taekwondo Academy, founded by the author, and the entire martial arts display was staged to wow the crowd of 100 people.

The jaw-dropping opening - which included author, Grand Master Ewan, smashing in half a large replica book made of wood - set the pace for a refreshingly high-energy book launch event. Guests enjoyed a sequence of impressive martial arts demonstrations and speeches by motivating leading figures in the martial arts world including YouTube star Master Wong.

The debut author was joined by a host of friends, family and supporters, including his Deputy, Master Waine, who first trained under Grand Master Ewan more than 25 years ago. Britain's first female Black stand-up comedienne, Angie Le Mar, also lent her support, having grown up with Ewan in Lewisham.

Ewan was inspired to write the book (following years of encouragement from his mother) when he attended Angie Le Mar's book launch earlier this year. Sadly, Ewan's mother passed away on Mother's Day and this book is a tribute to her, his father and his sisters, Beverley and Angela, who have also passed. The book was officially published on October 2nd in honour of Ewan's Mum's birthday.

Ewan says: "Basically - my mum was an amazing woman. There's just no other way to describe her. I was lucky to be her son and I miss her every day. My mum started a campaign called OSCAR: The Organisation for Sickle Cell Anaemia Research. Nowadays, it's taken very seriously and has lots of campaigning and fund-raising going on, but historically, as a disease which primarily affects non-white people, that hadn't been the case and this awful illness had tended to be overlooked."

"My mum wasn't having it. She knew her campaign needed a celebrity, so she got in touch with the comedian and actor Lenny Henry, and signed him up. Her reputation as a charity campaigner spread far and wide. Desmond Tutu, the world-famous South African anti-apartheid campaigner, came to my house to meet her. I'll never forget the day because the police closed off the road. The writer and black rights activist Maya Angelou came to see her too."

Once the decision had been made to write his life story, in his typically disciplined style, Ewan got up an hour earlier (at 5am) and wrote solidly every day for two hours, in line with his key motto: "Never, ever, ever, ever give up." He worked with an editor and secured a publishing deal with Filament Publishing. Within 24 hours, the book has shot to the top of the charts on Amazon and is currently occupying the #4 slot in the martial arts biography category.

Ewan's life story demonstrates the power of an ‘indomitable spirit' in the face of extreme grief and bereavement, depression, cancer, his father's Alzheimer's, his sister's alcoholism, and much more, all within the backdrop of building a strong and successful business to give the next generation a better future, and raising his own children and grandchildren. Ewan is passionate about helping young people realise there is an alternative to crime and violence, that helps build self-confidence and strength in every person who walks through the doors of his Academy.

Grand Master Ewan Briscoe is a force to be reckoned with. Accolades include being British Taekwondo champion not once, not twice, but nine times; member of the 1987 European Championship winning taekwondo team; three times winner of the Combat Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and trainer of TV gladiators Cobra and Panther…Ewan Briscoe is the Founder of the successful Panther Taekwondo Academy, which operates schools across the South of England, teaching children as young as four the art of self-control, courtesy, perseverance, integrity, strength, resilience, responsibility, indomitable spirit and confidence.

Ewan is on a mission - through his book, his Academy, his business mentoring and training and his self-defence courses, to help people of all ages and backgrounds to develop the inner and outer skills and strengths they need to face the challenges of day-to-day life and make a success of their lives. The book, and his wider work, aims to help people identify their true purpose in life, to never, ever give up, and to realise your potential.

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