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Talking Abu Dhabi with Ayo Beats and Elias Brown

ABU DABBIN: Ayo Beatz and SOS Music

How did you get red cafe and chip on the remix?

Elias Brown: Basically, Chip is like family basically. one of my guys is really close with him and whenever he is in Dubai he’s with us, hanging in the clubs and everything with him and he heard Abu Dabbin’ and he was down straight away. he knew way before he came out that this tune was the one. after the success it reached, we asked if he was down to put a verse on it and he said “yeah, i’m in.”

With Red Cafe he basically was in Dubai on a business trip at the time, ad we saw him he was out clubbing, so we just hit him up on Twitter and basically said we want to talk business with you, lets go out and get to know each other. That happened, then we sat with him a day after, showed him Abu Dabbin’ and he was feeling it, and we told him we’re going to do a remix with Chip and he was interested. Next thing you know we got the verses back from them and the remix was made.

How long did it take to get the remixes all done and have it finalised?

Elias Brown: It took awhile at least a month to get the final cut, there was a lot of back and forth.

Ayo Beatz: Yeah we had back and forth about the structure of the track, and how it should go, where everyone’s verses should go and just the overall mix. I arranged it and mixed it because I produced the track though.

Who decides where each verses should go, and does it get quite political when it comes to who goes on first, last etc?

Ayo Beatz: It kinda did get political, but it got sorted out. There was a little bit of politics because everyone’s competitive of course, naturally as hip-hop is, so you’ll have a bit of back and forth their but it worked out in the end.

The original Abu Dabbin track has done really well, amassing over one million views since November. How did you develop the concept behind that track?

Ayo Beatz: Well we were both getting played on a radio station in Dubai - radio one Dubai - and that’s how we heard of each other. I was in the UK at the time and I put together the beat and the chorus, and got it to the rest of the guys and they killed it.

Dubai seems to be a really popular place right now, with a lot of music videos recently being filmed there. What do you think is it about Abu Dhabi that makes it such a hotspot for culture right now?

Elias Brown: I mean Dubai is Dubai! I guess its just developing so fast, it’s a like a metropolis. The lifestyle, and the way its looked at and advertised is desirable. It looks like a dream when you look at it.

Ayo Beatz: I just think it’s fresh and I think there’s a lot of different cultures around the world worth experiences, and Abu Dhabi is one of them.

You both recently opened for Wiz Khalifa not too long ago. How was that experience?

Elias Brown: It was crazy, being in front of around 20,000-30,000 people was immense. You've got that many people screaming for you, and there was actually people chanting ’S.O.S’ as we were leaving the stage, so it was a different kind of feeling. And being able to make that many people vibe to your music, there’s no other feeling like that for me anyway.

Do you find that when you perform in that large of a crowd that you tend to elevate your performance or do you have a consistent stage presence throughout?

Elias Brown: Yeah, our stage presence is consistent throughout, we really rehearse everything, we have routines for each song and we even had skits in there. But even if you see our videos, you can see that we’re just full of energy when we perform.

What can we expect from you both this year?

Elias Brown: We’ve got another collaboration with Ayo Beatz called ‘Night and Day’ which should come out just before the summer time, and we’ve got collaborations with some brothers from Ivory Coast who do some Afrobeat type stuff, some guys from South Africa that are kind of coming up in the game, and we’re just pushing for more music and creativity.

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