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Tamir Rice police officer's "administrative" punishment

SLAIN: Tamir Rice (photo credit: ABC)

TAMIR RICE'S name has travelled via the lips of reporters and outraged mothers, from the coastal American city of Cleveland, Ohio; all the way to the UK and beyond. Sadly, his infamy is not linked to any of the 12 year-old's achievements or to his happiness.

In 2014 the young man was shot dead by a police officer in his home town, who blamed the fact that Rice was holding a toy gun at the time. Three police officers rushed to apprehend Rice after the force had received a phone call from a member of the public who specifically outlined the fact that the gun they saw Rice holding may have been a fake.

This information didn't stop officer Timothy Loehmann from killing the boy then pushing his his 14 year-old sister to the ground to handcuff her as she expressed her grief and shock; as seen below in this silent piece of video footage:

A $6 million pay-off was offered to the Rice family, however no legal justice that may have gone some way towards atoning for Rice's premature death, was served. Despite public protests and the now-usual collective uproar from families, politicians and stars; not one of the three officers involved in the fatal shooting will be taken to prison or even asked to perform community service.

This week it was announced that the officers in question (Timothy Loehmann, Frank Garmback and William Cunningham) would face internal sanctions at work for Rice's death. These 'punishments' could include an 11-day suspension from duty or the loss of a job altogether, for their part in the loss of life.

The three avoided criminal charges when they went before a grand jury last year, due to the fact that the young Rice was seen on video reaching for his toy, which was assumed to be a firearm; despite the public phone call which stressed that the gun could have been plastic.

Whilst many killings go undocumented, recent media attention on police killers, fuelled by racism, bring the age-old issue to the top of our agendas. The age of instinctively filming and sharing what goes on around us has at least led to the availability of irrefutable evidence within cases such as that of 12 year-old Rice.

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