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Teen from east London secures top finance job

SUCCES: Reggie Nelson (Photo credit: SWNS)

BEING PROACTIVE pays - just ask 22-year- old Reggie Nelson, who just landed a top city job after he door-knocked his way to the top.

Nelson always dreamed of going to university and getting a top city job, but wasn’t sure of how to achieve it. In order to pursue his dreams, he went door to door asking residents how they did it.

“I just wanted to know what skills and qualities you had that allowed you to live in a wealthy area like this so I can extrapolate that and use it for myself,” he would ask, as he went door to door seeking career advice.

After hours of knocking, he was invited in for a cup of tea by Elizabeth Price, the wife of Quintin Price, a senior executive at investment management firm BlackRock.

Mrs Price was so impressed by Nelson’s drive and determination, that she invited him to the office for the day – eventually getting him work experience, a mentor and ultimately a place at university.

After four internships and a degree, Nelson has now landed his dream job in investment management in the heart of the City – a far cry from the teen’s previous life growing up on an east London council estate.

Nelson, said: “I was still in college at the time thinking: “How can I do something different? What can I do different enough for me to see results that no one else will think of doing?

“I had the idea for a few weeks but it took me a while to muscle up the courage to get out and do it.

“When I got off the Tube at Gloucester Road I just saw all these expensive cars – Aston Martins and Mercedes lining the streets. Everywhere you looked just looked like money.

“I rehearsed this pitch ready for when the door opened. And it worked.”

Born and raised in North Woolwich, east London, Nelson grew up in a single-parent household with his mother and had a few brushes with the law in his youth. He was excluded from school aged 14 and at risk of going down the wrong path.

It was after a friend invited him to church and hearing the pastor say: “You need to come out of your comfort zone in order to see things happen,” that Nelson’s mentality started to change.

That evening, he watched an episode of ‘How’d You Get So Rich’ – a US TV show where Joan Rivers met wealthy Americans to discuss how they amassed their wealth.

He searched online for “the richest area in London” and after weeks of plucking up the courage, headed out to Gloucester Road, and there is journey to success began.

Sharing advice to others who may want to follow in his footsteps, Mr Nelson said: “Embrace the rejection for it could be the making of you.

“And knock on the right doors and work hard.”

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