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Terrorism and racism, the most discussed issues on Twitter


A NEW STUDY has revealed that terrorism and racism are the most discussed world issues on social networking site, Twitter.

The research, conducted by SOAS University of London focused on how Twitter was used as a barometer for global trends and mood swings, amongst 173 million tweets.

This list of world issues that the UN feel are the most pressing was used for the study and the data was gathered using tools to count the number of times each issue on the list was mentioned in a Tweet on a daily and yearly basis.

STUDY: Findings by SOAS

Terrorism was the most discussed issue from the UN's list of issues with 31 million tweets talking about the issue per year, whilst racism was the second most talked about topic with 28 million tweets, followed by climate change in third and human rights in fourth.

Richard Hammond, a data researcher on the project, said: "We found in the course of our research that 88% of the tweets have negative connotations, which means that the subject is perceived by the individual as a problem that needs to be addressed or that cannot be resolved."

The study also found that, when talking about global issues, the overwhelming majority of the 173 million analysed tweets - 88 per cent - were negative.

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