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Thandie Newton mistaken for Zoe Saldana by Victoria Beckham

MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Actress Thandie Newton

ACTRESS THANDIE Newton has revealed how she was once mistaken for American actress Zoe Saldana during an exchange with Victoria Beckham.

Newton, 45, recounted the experience during an appearance on the Graham Norton show.

Guests were asked who they most resembled and Newton said she knows that people think she looks like 39-year-old Saldana and went on the explain why.

The Westworld actress said that Beckham had mistaken her for Saldana when they were in LA.

Newton said: "Recently I was in...LA and Victoria Beckham, who I have actually met a few times, was there.

"We were chatting away when she said: 'It's so great that you are here when you are pregnant.'

PICTURED: Zoe Saldana

"I said: 'I actually had my baby a couple of months ago.' We carried on chatting and it was obvious she thought I was someone else, so I said: 'Do you think I am Zoe Saldana?'"

The Line of Duty actress said: "Victoria was absolutely mortified! It was actually OK as Zoe is a rare beauty, but really? Up close? Come on! And, I am British!"

Newton’s mother is Zimbabwean and her father is English. Saldana’s mother is Puerto Rican and her father is from the Dominican Republic.

Saldana gave birth to twins boys in 2014, the same year that Newton gave birth to her third child, a boy named Booker Jombe Parker.

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