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Is there any point in having an International Women's Day?

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SOME FACTS. Women are still not paid equally to that of their male counterparts. Women still are not present in equal numbers in business or politics and even when they are, they have a ‘shelf life’ half that of their male counterparts.

Because of fear they will want to have a family and could not possibly continue or be capable of the job they did pre birth. I personally like to think once you’ve given birth to a living soul that pretty much says to the world ‘I can do most things really well…nobody panic.’

Globally, women's education, health and the violence against them are worse than that of men. So when you ask yourself is it important to acknowledge these things once a year and ask questions, campaign for change and celebrate some of the achievements we are making all round the world in a bid to arrive at a fairer, inclusive and more equal opportunity world, I hope the answer you give yourself is yes.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is not to the detriment of men, far from it. In fact many amazing men support the idea that women around the world have a right to education in the same way men do, they have a right to be paid the same and they deserve to be safe. These things to me are not about being man or a woman they are about fighting for people to have access to things they have a right to. Women would fight for men to have the same chances in the same way men fight for women on IWD.

The fact is women all over the world don’t have the same chances and as long as that continues IWD is needed. When we do one day arrive at a happy equal place where we are all paid the same, our ability to bear children isn’t held against us and girls all over the world are given access to education and learning.

If people want IWD to celebrate the amazing wonderful women they know and work with then who are you to stop them! 



One day is not enough to champion the success that women have struggled for. This year’s theme for IWD is ‘Time for action to end violence against women.’ But why allocate just one day to raise awareness about this?

It also doesn’t help that the women who are looked up to in our society nowadays are the likes of Rihanna.

I use her as an example because of her relationship with Chris Brown who beat her up in 2009.
Since then, she has gained so much sympathy for that, and with the world’s media spotlight on her, what does she do? She gets back with Chris Brown.

What a great way to set an example to fans that look up to you and a kick in the teeth to women’s equality. Her next single will probably be praising the ‘Rule of Thumb’.

In the celebrity worshipping culture that we live in, young girls will see that going back to a violent partner is acceptable because Rihanna did it.

Another point-the argument of women not getting equal pay isn’t always true. For example, in tennis, women get paid the same amount of prize money at Wimbledon for playing less!
Yet women seem to agree that they are entitled to the same money for less work which doesn’t make sense.

In a sales job, would it be fair if a man got the same bonus as a woman even if he sold less? No! I say scrap IWD and use the power of the media to celebrate women who actually make a real difference in this world instead of the ones who preach sexual innuendos for cash.

Margaret Thatcher has such a bad reputation for some reason, and the mention of her name makes peoples’ toes curl, but why?

She should be a role model for what she achieved!

She became Prime Minister of the UK and reached the top of her game in an era where women were more oppressed than they are today, and she did it without shaking her posterior.

IWD is not the solution, but an education and portrayal of women who use their brains instead of breasts to succeed is what we need everyday!

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