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Theresa May announces body to tackle social injustice

PICTURED: Theresa May

THERESA MAY pledges to tackle the “deep-seated societal injustice” throughout the UK with new body Office for Tackling Injustices (OfTI).

The office will collect evidence on disparities in areas such as ethnicity, gender and socio-economic background. The hope is that this evidence will help to formulate policy, to tackle social injustices, that is both socially sensitive and easily implementable.

During her first speech as PM may pledged to combat burning injustices. She ordered the Race Disparity Audit which aimed to show how a person’s ethnicity will impact their experience of public services such as the NHS.

Its first published data report in October 2017 found that black defendants were more likely than white defendants to be remanded in custody rather than let out on bail while waiting for their cases to go to trial. Mrs May hopes OfTI will follow the same approach. Somewhat of a questionable decision as these disparities remain largely unchanged.

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott told the BBC: "On her first day in office, the prime minister promised to tackle burning injustices, but instead gave us the Windrush scandal. Three failed years later, in her last days, she's decided to set up an office.

Racial equality think tank Runnymede Trust, welcomed more data, but noted: "Data by itself doesn't create change, which needs more concrete actions and policies to tackle decades of racial inequalities.”

At the beginning of her Premiership, May said she wanted to build a better Britain. Instead she has left Britain in pieces. It seems this rush to introduce OfTI is her last attempt at securing a legacy.

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