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Thieves on scooters attack almost one in five Brits

NEW FIGURES released yesterday have found that almost one in five (16%) have been a victim of a snatch attack by robbers on scooters.

Other mugging methods included thieves travelling on foot (33%) and using distraction techniques to target people in addition to 13% of these criminals using violence to intimidate.

In response to the increase in such crimes the Metropolitan Police have just launched Operation Venice which will look to reduce the number of these incidents in London.

The latest data from the capital shows that criminals are committing as many as 2,500 monthly offences.

Looking at the UK as a whole, figures from home insurer Together Mutual Insurance has found that the most-snatched items are purses and wallets (26%), mobile phones (25%), bikes (15%) and jewellery (14%) with 16% stating that the item was stolen whilst they were using it. They also found that 18% of muggings have included a weapon of which 47% of victims were threatened with a knife, 33% with a hammer and 20% with a gun.

Respondents also reported that they have experienced the highest amount of muggings in London (25%), Manchester (24%) and Birmingham (16%).

Jon Craven, CEO of Together Mutual Insurance, who commissioned the survey, said:

“The rising trend in scooter muggings is particularly concerning and we urge people to be extra vigilant over the summer as more people will be spending time outside.

"We also encourage people to ensure that they’re insured in advance of needing to claim. In the unfortunate event that you have items stolen, it is definitely worth checking with your insurance provider as to how you can be reimbursed following your ordeal.”

72% of victims that reported their crime said that no action was taken by authorities and over a quarter (26%) did not bother reporting their mugging for this exact reason. When it comes to getting pay back, 14% didn’t report it to their insurance company because they didn’t think they would get any reimbursement.

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