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Three (Very Good) reasons why Elba won't be the next Bond

PICTURED: Idris Elba

THE RUNAWAY success of the current generation of 007 films with Daniel Craig at the helm is drawing to a close.

The next Bond film, currently under production with the working title Bond 25, has been officially designated as the last time Craig will step into the shoes of everyone's favourite MI6 agent.

We've all known that Craig will be stepping down for quite some time, given that he had previously said that he would rather kill himself that reprise the Bond role again. Ever since, speculation over who will replace him has been furious, with one name standing above all of the rest.

Heartthrob veteran actor Idris Elba has been the hot favourite for the past couple of years and currently enjoys the best bookmaker odds for securing the role by far. However, despite almost unanimous agreement that Elba should be the next Bond, it doesn't actually look like that is what's going to happen.

Here's why:

He doesn't want the role

First and foremost, Elba himself has been very vocal recently about not wanting to play the role. After several years of staying silent on the subject, he has recently been making some very public snubs to the Bond franchise in order to emphasise his desire not to get involved.

He recently said in an interview to the Daily Mail that he doesn't want to play Bond as it would "define" him as a person and as an actor. It's a role which requires 100% commitment and will likely be the role that you will be remembered for above anything else, which is precisely why Elba doesn't want it.

He's cultivating a new image

As style magazine GQ recently pointed out, Elba has made a concerted effort to cultivate a new public image. He has moved away from the suave, seriousness and grit which characterised his earlier career, and is now going for more of a "cool, hippy uncle" kind of vibe (in GQ's own words). Naturally, this new image is at odds with that of Mr Bond.

The success of Bond is based on the 007 lifestyle and image more than anything else. Think back to Daniel Craig's debut in Casino Royale.

The tuxedo-wearing, smooth-talking, martini-sipping Craig slipped into Bond's shoes immediately and became a cultural icon.

Casino Royale is still remembered as arguably the best film, whilst Craig's exploits in Monte Carlo also helped kickstart a cultural craze for casinos. Countless people now go online to experience a live casino. It's hard to imagine the new Elba having a similar impact as Bond.

He has moved on to better things

It's also worth noting that Elba isn't exactly sitting around at home waiting for scripts. He has had a very busy couple of years, with plenty more lined up in the future which suggests that his schedule will be far too packed to play a demanding role like 007.

His recent starring role in the hit Netflix series Turn Up Charlie, where he plays a washed-up DJ turned babysitter, is likely to keep him busy.

He has also moved into filmmaking, with his directorial debut coming this year in the form of gritty crime drama Yardie. He has also been popping up in music videos left, right, and centre, starring alongside singers such as Stormzy, Wiley, and Giggs.

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