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Three ways to cool down this weekend

THE BRITISH weather has practically been breaking news over the past few dates. With temperatures hitting 35C today alone, many of us are realising we’re not prepared for the heat when it comes to work and home. Experts are advising us to stay indoors during the hottest parts of the day – 11am and 3pm – but it’s unlikely that many of us will want to be holed up inside with this gorgeous sunshine.

Whether you’re fed up of the heat or want to maximise the moment (it will be gone before you know it) here are some things to do this weekend to stay cool and still have fun!

Get wet
If you haven’t got a pool, don’t fret. There are plenty of outdoor pools, lidos and even fountains that can help incorporate the cool into your weekend. Make a splash at any of the public lidos across the country such as London Fields lido, Saltdean lido in Brighton, Thames lido in Reading or Bristol's Clifton lido.

No lido near you? Make a trip to your local pool instead. There’s a chance it will be less crowded and another plus is that you’ll be sheltered from the sun.

Drink up
There’s nothing better than an ice cold drink on a hot summer’s day. Quench your thirst at Mindful Drinking Festival, an exhibit of alcohol-free drinks. You don’t need to be tee total to enjoy. In fact, you’ll probably benefit from staying off the booze in the heat as we all know that overdoing it in hotter temperatures can lead to dehydration and horrid hangovers.

Interested? Make your way to Spitalfields Market on Saturday July 28 between 11am and 6pm.

If you’re not keen on travelling, why not make your own mocktails and cocktails, if you fancy something stronger, at home? Homemade ice lollies are also easy to do but will leave you feeling smug and satisfied.

Beach, please
There are beautiful beaches across Britain and now is a perfect time to explore them. Head anywhere from Bournemouth to Broadstairs to get some sand between your toes. Make sure to pack suncream and lots of tools to shade yourself – think sun hat, sunglasses, and parasols. And it’s worth arriving early to secure your spot as no doubt, plenty of people will be heading to the beach to enjoy themselves. Don’t forget to bring cash for ice cream and cold drinks.

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