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Tina Turner speaks on son's suicide

LOSS: Tina Turner

TINA TURNER has opened up about her son's death, saying she doesn't understand why he took his own life.

In an interview with the BBC, the Simply the Best songstress said: "I still don't know what took him to the edge, because at that stage he had said to me that he had never met a woman that he felt that way about," she tells the BBC, regarding his new partner at the time.

"He was bringing her to meet me (for) his birthday in August," she adds. "He had decorated his apartment, that I bought him years ago. He had gotten a new job with a prominent real estate company in California, (which) he was very happy with."

"I have no idea what pulled him down, except something that followed him with loneliness," she continues. "I think it was something with being alone. But when I think that, why didn't he call the new girlfriend that gave him the lift?"

She also reveals there was a change in her son before his death, but she thought nothing of it until after his suicide.

"He was an introverted person, he was very shy...," she adds. "When I listen back to our last conversations, I notice a change. The last few times we talked, the conversations were different, and I didn't know that until after the suicide."

The What's Love Got To Do With It? hitmaker, lost her son, Craig Raymond Turner, 59, in July after his body was discovered at his home in Studio City, Los Angeles.

Officials from the L.A. coroner's office confirmed he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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