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Top graduate salaries revealed

AS THE latest round of students prepare to hit the job market, the top UK graduate salaries by industry have been revealed, with the highest starting wages being found in media, construction and administration.

The research, conducted by leading independent job board CV-Library, looked at over 5,400 graduate job postings and discovered that the average starting salary is £24,804.

As graduates are faced with levels of debt like never before - the latest figures from educational think tank Sutton Trust suggest the average is £44,000 - starting salaries are increasingly pertinent.

The top five industries:

1. Media – average starting salary of £34,244
2. Construction – average starting salary of £29,530
3. Administration – average starting salary of £29,007
4. Legal – average starting salary of £28,030
5. Education – average starting salary of £27,848

The bottom five industries:

1. Charities – average starting salary of £16,075
2. Customer Services – average starting salary of £19,948
3. Marketing – average starting salary of £20,558
4. Medical – average starting salary of £21,709
5. Tourism – average starting salary of £21,901

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library comments:

“It’s interesting to see that certain sectors are offering far higher starting salaries than others, though not entirely surprising.

"Some of these industries, such as construction, law and education, require specific skill-sets and qualifications, for example.

"But, there could also be an explanation for some of the other sectors. With the media industry, for example, a lot of graduate positions can be commercial, rather than creative or editorial, which often come with a higher pay package.

“Whichever role you’re applying for, whether it has a lower starting salary, or a higher one, you need to make sure you’re prepared. With the right practice and research – whether that’s where you’re meeting the interviewer, or typical interview questions – you’ll have a better chance of securing the job and setting off on your first graduate position post-university!”

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