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Tories are the party of racism 'daughter of Windrush' says

PICTURED: Diane Abbott speaks during the Labour Party's annual conference at the Arena and Convention Centre (ACC), in Liverpool

TORIES ARE the party of racism, a “daughter of Windrush” has told the Labour conference.

At the Labour Party’s annual conference at the Arena and Convention Centre (ACC), in Liverpool, Cecile Wright from Derby North described herself as a daughter of Windrush and said the scandal was “a crime against humanity”.

“Prominent Tories have for decades sought to remove, stigmatise or use racist name-calling ever since the Windrush generation arrived in this country in 1948," she said.

“Indeed, it was the Tory Enoch Powell who wanted us repatriated to avoid the rivers of blood. It was the Tory Margaret Thatcher who told us the country was being swamped by immigrants.

“It was the Tory Boris Johnson who has used the racist jibes of watermelon smiles and pickaninnies, and the Tory Theresa May who devised a hostile environment policy and removed as many black Caribbean people as possible to keep down the net migration figures.”

Delegates in Liverpool heard a motion to scrap the Immigration Act 2014 that enshrined the hostile environment policy in law.

The move followed the Windrush scandal, where more than 60 British citizens who were a part of the generation of Caribbean immigrants who came to the uK via the Empire Windrush in 1948, faced deportation.

At the conference, Shadow home Secretary Diane Abbott, who campaigned for justice for those wrongly deported or denied healthcare and benefits, set out how she wants to unravel the hostile environment policy.

Ms Abbott said “false and toxic rhetoric” on protecting borders and immigration “led directly to the Windrush scandal”.

“Can you imagine living in a country which indefinitely detains its own citizens? Which deports them? Which refuses them cancer treatment even when they’ve lived in the country all of their adult lives?

“Well, under this government we saw this happen to the Windrush generation.”

John Campbell from Unison added: “Fascists and racists have been encouraged to commit greater acts of violence, openly embracing white supremacy.

“We must bring the might of the Labour movement to bear against the hostile environment we face. This goes to the heart of our fight for social and economic justice.”

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