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Tottenham to pay tribute to 2011 riots with stadium ceremony

CHANGE: Tottenham Hotspurs stadium

TOTTENHAM WILL open their new stadium with a ceremony paying tribute to the 2011 riots.

The event will take place before the first game at their new home against Liverpool on Saturday, September 15.

Executive director Donna-Maria Cullen said: “There will be a formal opening ceremony. It will not be quite on the scale of the Olympics. It will be a nod to the local area, the riots and how this is a fresh start for everyone.”

Protests originated in Tottenham in August 2011 after the death of local Mark Duggan. It then escalated over the next few days, spreading across the country with looting, arson and general chaos.

RIOTS: Tottenham, 2011 (Photo credit: PA)

In the wake of the riots, Spurs decided to put themselves at the heart of their local community with chairman Daniel Levy shelving plans to move from Tottenham.

He embarked on an ambitious £850million project to demolish White Hart Lane and construct a state-of-the-art stadium on the old site and adjacent land. The new stadium will also have a retractable pitch to allow it to stage NFL matches.

Speaking on the club’s pre-season tour here in Los Angeles, Cullen added: “We’re so worn down by the sheer effort of delivering it but it is really quite something.

“I think fans will walk in and love it. We have a floor made from the crushed ruins of White Hart Lane. You’ve got to keep it authentic.”

Tottenham will this week update 60,000 local residents on the stadium and its new traffic management system.

It will also detail the £100m spent on improving the local area and transport links.

Cullen said: “It will probably be the best public transport-served stadium in the capital.”

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