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Trevor Noah: “Right to a gun is not for black men”

PICTURED: Trevor Noah

TREVOR NOAH has responded to one of the latest killings of a black man by police in the US by saying that the second amendment, which legislates that Americans have the right to keep and bear arms, is not for black people.

Emantic Bradford Jr was shot and killed by police following a shooting in a mall in Alabama.

The 21-year-old, who had a permit for his weapon, was one of a number of people at the mall shooting with a gun but he was the only person killed by the police.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, police said that they had caught the shooter, they then admitted that they had in fact killed the wrong man and that the killer remained on the loose.

Speaking about the incident on The Daily Show, Noah said: “At this point you start to realise that really the second amendment is not intended for black people.

“It’s an uncomfortable thing to say, but it’s the truth. People will be like, the right to bear arms, yes, the right to bear arms if you are not a black man. If you are a black man, you have no business bearing arms at all.”

He added: “If you’re black and you’re a man in America, gun rights are not for you. If you’re a black person in America, gun rights are not for you. It’s as simple as that.”

Noah mentioned several incidents in which black men who legally owned guns had been shot by the police or where white mass shooters had been apprehended by officers alive to support his statements.

Earlier this month, a 26-year-old black security guard was shot and killed by police as he apprehended a shooter.

Jemel Roberson, an employee at Manny’s Blue Room Bar in Chicago, legally owned a firearm and had shot back at a shooter who returned armed after being thrown out of the club.

When police arrived they believed Roberson was the suspect and shot him.

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