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Trevor Noah accused of racism for saying Africa won the cup

ACCUSED: Trevor Noah

THE DAILY SHOW host Trevor Noah has been accused of racism for saying Africa won the World Cup - because of the number of black players in the French national team.

During a segment of his show on Monday about France's 4-2 victory against Croatia, Noah said" “Africa won the World Cup.”

“I get it, they have to say it's the French team," Noah said. "But look at those guys. You don't get that tan by hanging out in the south of France, my friends.

“Basically if you don't understand, France is Africans' backup team. Once Senegal and Nigeria got knocked out, that's who we root for.”

Noah’s remarks weren’t received well on social media, with some French natives noting that nearly every team member, regardless of their race, was born and raised in France.

French former reality TV star Martin Medus was among those who slammed the comments.

He said: 'You're a f****** racist. Those people are French and p***** to always be reminded of their background. They fight hard to tell people they are proud French people and yet you disrespect them calling them African. Are the Lakers an African team?'

Kevin Razy, a French comedian, criticised the South African host for regurgitating a racist joke that has circulated in France, while basketball player Evan Fournier said: "Stop it with this "Africa won the world cup for France" non sense. Is it Africa winning when the USA win Gold medals in the Olympics ? Is it Europe winning when South Africa win in Rugby ? And we can go on and on. Cut the BS. We are all french deal with it"

Of the 23-man squad, 16 have African roots with the exception of Hugo Lloris, Antoine Griezmann and Olivier Giroud are of European heritage.

France's World Cup win has been described as a 'victory for immigration' and has posed questions as to whether the country's approach to xenophobia, racism and discrimination will change following this win.

A tweet from Khaled Beydoun acknowledging this went viral. He said: Dear France, Congratulations on winning the #WorldCup. 80% of your team is African, cut out the racism and xenophobia. 50% of your team are Muslims, cut out the Islamophobia. Africans and Muslims delivered you a second World Cup, now deliver them justice."

Political figures including Barack Obama and Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro seem to echo Noah's sentiments in acknowledging the minority influence in the French national team.

"The French team looked like an African team, in fact it was Africa who won," said Maduro. "France won thanks to African players or the sons of Africans."

Maduro also congratulated France and called for an end to racism in Europe against African people.

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