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Trump aide apologises after racially offensive comment

PICTURED: President Trump and David Bossie

DAVID BOSSIE, a close friend and ally of president Donald Trump has issued an apology after he said a black Democratic strategist was “out of his cotton-picking mind”.

On Sunday (June 24), he appeared on the news talk show Fox and Friends for a discussion about liberal reactions to Trump’s immigration policy, where he was joined by Democratic strategist Joel Payne.

As the pair entered into a heated exchange, Payne accused the president of using racist rhetoric to rally his base. He said: “You don’t have to be a golden retriever to hear all the dog whistles coming out of the White House these days,” to which Bossie replied,“ you’re out of your cotton-picking mind”.

Payne said: “Cotton-picking mind?” “Brother, let me tell you something, I got some relatives who picked cotton and I’m not going to sit here and allow you to attack me like that on TV. I’m not out of my cotton-picking mind.”

After a break, the host of the show Ed Henry said the network “and this show, myself” did not agree “with that particular phrase”.

Henry added: “It was obviously offensive, and these debates get fiery, that’s unfortunate. We like to have honest and spirited debates but not phrases like that, obviously. And so I will just leave it at that.”

A few hours later, Bossie took to Twitter where he issued an apology for his comments. It read: “During a heated segment on Fox & Friends today, I should have chosen my words more carefully and never used the offensive phrase that I did. I apologise to Joel Payne, Fox News and its viewers.”

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