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Tweet is in hospital, pastor boyfriend asks for prayers

COME ON HOME, CHARLENE: Charlene 'Tweet' Keys is undergoing treatment for blood clots in her lungs

NEO-SOUL/R&B singer Tweet, who has recently returned to the music scene after a 10-year break with her February album Charlene, is currently in hospital after blood clots on her lungs were detected.

The mother-of-one, who is suffering from a pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs) as well as clots in her arm.

MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN: Pastor Jamal Bryant, left, with partner Tweet (image credit: Essence)

Tweet, whose real name is Charlene Keys, has been doing the celebrity interview rounds to promote her new album as well as to discuss her high-profile relationship with megachurch pastor Jamal Bryant, who posted a heartfelt plea for prayer on Instagram in light of his beau's hospitalisation.

The post read:

"ALERT!!! I need your prayers for @tweet_ She's been admitted in hospital for blood clots in both lungs & right arm! Doctors can't trace it but God is a healer! Prayer still works..."

The singer/songwriter hit the spotlight in 2002 with her R&B hit Oops (Oh My), which featured Missy Elliott, whom Tweet credits with being a major force in her life both professionally and personally. Elliott is said to have encouraged Tweet to sing after a successful songwriting career behind the scenes and to have supported her through a suicide attempt and depression.

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