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UK opposes term 'pregnant women' as it excludes trans people

DEBATE: Is pregnant women an acceptable term? Some disagree

"Ministers have called for the term 'pregnant woman' to be removed from a UN treaty - because it 'excludes' transgender people," The Daily Mail reports.

The call is said to have been made in Britain's official submission on proposed amendments to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The UN treaty, which the UK has been a signatory since 1976, says a 'pregnant woman' must be given special protection, including not being subject to the death penalty.

But, according to the Sunday Times, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is asking for the term 'pregnant people' to be used for fear of excluding 'transgender people who have given birth'.

The move has sparked a wave of comments online, with many feminists saying this is the latest example of 'making women unmentionable'.

However, Prime Minister Theresa May believes using the term “pregnant women” is perfectly "acceptable" according to The Telegraph

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman told a regular briefing of journalists in Westminster that the FCO’s submission had been in relation to “one specific case”. He said that “nobody in Government is objecting to the term pregnant women.”

DISSENT: Theresa May

Asked if the Prime Minister believed “pregnant women” to be an acceptable term, the spokesman said:

“Of course pregnant women is an acceptable term.”

There are only thought to have been two cases of transgender pregnancy in the UK, where children are born to men who have had a sex change but kept their womb and ovaries.

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