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Unbelievable Tekkers!

HE’S GOT GAME: Andy Ansah

IT’S NOT very often that you meet someone who has coined a new phrase that has taken the sporting world and pop culture by storm, but Andy Ansah is one such person.

The once professional footballer turned sports choreographer is responsible for creating the expression – ‘unbelievable tekkers’. An abbreviation for unbelievable technique, Ansah thought up the saying when he was teaching his son football skills. But it was not until his idiom was filmed by the Sky Sport’s programme Soccer AM, that the phrase became an international phenomenon.

“I was filming Wayne Rooney’s Street Striker and Soccer AM came to film the show. They asked me a question about a player’s skill on the ball and I said he came with ‘unbelievable tekkers’,” explained the 43-year-old. “I had been saying ‘unbelievable tekkers’ for so many years, but they decided to make a segment out of it. And they have run with the segment for three years now.”

For anyone who doesn’t watch Soccer AM on a Saturday morning, the show has made Ansah’s term a staple in the football industry. In fact, there has been a fictional country named after his slogan - Republic of Tekkerslovakia. There is also a ringtone and Ansah has created a ‘Tekkers’ clothing line. You may think it is a bit of an overkill, but for Ansah, hearing his creation everywhere in the footballing industry is a dream come true.

“Wherever I go people say tekkers, like it’s my name. People don’t call me Andy and I will never get bored of it. I get messages from all over the world where people are using the terminology for all kinds of sports.”

In recent years Ansah has become a sports personality. Not unlike many professional footballers who leave the beautiful game and find themselves in front of the camera as pundits, the former Southend United player has built a considerable career following his retirement in sports choreography with his company, Sports on Screen.

Working with athletes around the world, the businessman has also created some memorable sports adverts. Chances are, if you have ever watched a Champions’ League or FA Cup game, you have seen one of his adverts.

“We work with athletes all around the world and we choreograph and consult on TV commercials, I honestly believe I have the second best job in the world. I played professional football for 13 years, but people forget that I was a footballer and that is because my new path has taken off so well. And I’m happy with that because it shows that my new career is successful, I don’t have to hold on to the past.”

Indeed the future for the presenter is the children. It may seem like a cliché, but with the company Ansah has created, it is not only a financially successful business, but one that also supports the growth of the future generations.

“We employ many young people in the company, they get a chance to work with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi on set and get paid. This year alone we’ve employed over 140 new models, from the age of 16. We are also employing people who go for a job at Sainsburys and are told they are unemployable, but I’ve got them working for billion pound companies and they are working brilliantly.”

He added: “Their work on set is second to none and they get paid well. I live in Nottingham but I grew up in the Notting Hill area and I’ve met and employed youngsters who I have met in a Caribbean food shops. I still regard myself as that kid who grew up in the single parent family who was dreaming to be a footballer from the age of 11. So I think with that experience I can drive other Andy Ansahs out there, and let’s not kid ourselves, titles open doors and it creates openings for me to make a change.”

To find out more about Andy Ansah or the Tekkers clothing line, visit:

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