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Uni life explored in diverse animated sitcom


A NEW animated web series featuring prominent black British artists has launched.

The animated sitcom Degree captures the essence of British culture through the lens of four culturally diverse university students. As an eccentric unit, the protagonists attempt to co-exist with each other in order to navigate through the perils and joys of student life.

Created by British writer and voice over artist Peter Lay Degree utilises the voices of some of UK’s best emerging talents.

CREATOR: Peter Lay

Featuring in the episodes are A.Dot comedian, Paigey Cakey, Nathan Bryon, Lola Jagun, Jazzie Zonzolo, Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Nissy Tee, Face In The News, Kayode Ewumi and Kelechi Okafor to name a few.

"From the series, people can expect a comedic reflection on the daily occurrences within British culture with depth and humour," said Lay.

Discussing why he created the series, Lay said: "As a massive fan of animation, I was frustrated with the current lack of British representation within the genre.

"The talent is undeniable within the country but everybody seems to be too afraid even though the demand for animation is at an all time high here. I decided to take the risk and here we are."

Episodes of Degree will be released every Sunday at 7pm on YouTube channel: Degree Official

Catch up on episode 1 and episode 2 below:

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