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Universities launch drive to recruit white male students

MINORITY GROUP: UK universities are implementing policies to increase the number of white male students they admit

THE NUMBERS of white male students are so low that universities are launching initiatives to recruit more of them, it has been reported.

White male students have been classed as a minority group due to their low representation in higher education.

Two universities, Essex and Aston, are the first institutions outside the UK’s top universities to formally include policies around increasing the number of white male students they admit into their recruitment policies, The Daily Mail has reported.

The University of Oxford, which has been heavily criticised for its admission rate of black students, has previously employed recruitment drives to increase the number of white male students from working class backgrounds.

The schemes at universities Essex and Aston will essentially put white male students in the same bracket as black ones.

According to data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency, white British students are in a minority at around one in 10 higher education institutions in the UK.

Nick Hillman, director of the Higher Education Policy Institute, which has published a study on the educational under-achievement of young men, told The Daily Mail: “When putting together our report, we were shocked to find so few higher education institutions had these sorts of targets. The problem is so evident and we've continued to go backwards.

“Some people oppose this whole agenda. We were told we were wrong to look at gender and should care only about class.”

He added: “Tackling access to university needs a focus on gender, disadvantage and ethnicity, and it is possible to care about all three of these things simultaneously.”

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