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University withdraws 'racist' posters after criticism

QUESTIONABLE: University of Wolverhampton advert (Photo credit: Nicole Andrews / )

THE UNIVERSITY of Wolverhampton has withdrawn recent adverts which have been branded racist.

The posters, show a white woman in front of a class of black children with the slogan: "‘If you want to explore new worlds, start here.”

The poster has been branded offensive amid backlash from campaigners, who claim the message is "racist and colonialist".

Dr Helen Dexter, associate professor of international politics at Leicester University, tweeted: "This image is so offensive I am amazed anyone at The University of Wolverhampton thought it was appropriate. Please withdraw it immediately."

Dr Ranjit Khutan, head of the public health department tweeted: "Debate over #bscpublichealth @wlv_uni offensive billboard advert continue to grow. As Head of department, please note my team were unaware of if it & did not approve it. It is an inappropriate image. Please accept our apologies if you were offended.

As a result, the university decided to cancel the campaign, which was promoting their Public Health Course.

Raman SaRpal, head of marketing at the University of Wolverhampton said: said: “Every year the University runs numerous creative campaigns across various channels around the UK. Following careful consideration the decision was taken to withdraw this particular advert, which is part of a wider campaign, and the image has been removed.

“It was never the intention to cause any offence, but we take feedback like this seriously and listened to what people had to say.

“The University prides itself on having a diverse student body, of being inclusive and it strives to be representative of the community it serves.”

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