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US Elections and the outcome for the rest of the world...

RIVALS: Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton

AMERICA DECIDES next week when the US Elections take place on November 8. The world has been enthralled by the lead up to the big day by the simmering rivalry between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hilary Clinton.

By this time next week we will have a replacement for Barack Obama but just who will it be?

Students from Nottingham Trent University took to the city's streets to find out public opinion...

Winnie Dawes, 51, Carlton
“Me personally, I think they’re not doing anything for anybody they are just as bad as each other just like the English people. We’ll just have to watch this space they tell lies they try to fluff everything up for everybody. With Clinton there’s the accusations and scandals and people don’t want scandals these days they just want someone to be like normal American people.”

Ann-Marie Demetrius, 52, Carlton
“Well I think Hillary Clinton should win as president she’s got her secrets as well, they all do but she’s for the people Donald Trump is a playboy, what does he know about being a president? If Donald Trump wins I will be sorry for the black people and the other foreigners because he doesn’t like foreigners and he’s going to bring back the past.”

Dwain Simms, 29, Bramcote
“I am nervous and I’m not even American. My nervousness is that I’ve never seen Donald trump politically involved in politics prior to this election. I think in America and the UK people are trying to live in a democracy and I don’t think he supports that. So why would you want to try and get rid of this world peace? We had a black president and now we are going to completely suffer from it.”

Stephen Johnson, 47, Bilborough
“I support Donald Trump. He is frank and he is a genuine person. It takes courage and a strong man to put his politics on that level so I support him he doesn’t hide anything he says things from his heart. Donald Trump is the hero for the black man he only talks about the truth. I have about 19 family members from the US from Ohio and New York and the all support him.”

Coco Adereti, 18, Nottingham
“Because it’s in America I’m not really sure what’s going on, I know you’ve got Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump but I don’t think it will have a huge effect on the world, like the ‘Brexit’ vote. Although, I hope Trump doesn’t win.”

Reese Prince, 18, Nottingham
“I doubt it will have that much of an impact because it’s happening in America but in terms of the police situation over there it’s not transferred over here but I don’t think it will have an effect. A war will probably be started if Trump comes into power.”

OUTGOING: Barack Obama

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