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The US Navy lifts ban on locks, braids & ponytails


IN AN attempt to be more inclusive, the Navy has expanded its hair rules for female sailors, now permitting braids, ponytails and lock hairstyles.

Women in the Navy will also be allowed to wear wider hair buns under the new rules that came into effect Wednesday (Jul 11).

The announcement was made during a Facebook Live held Tuesday (Jul 10) with the Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson and Chief of Naval Personnel Adm. Robert Burke.

According to CNN, Richardson said that the move was to make the US Navy "much more inclusive."

Under the new rules:

- Ponytails, single braids and French braids will be allowed when wearing service, working and physical training uniforms.

- Hair buns can now be the width of the back of the head.

- Lock hairstyles may be worn in short, medium and long hair lengths. The partings must be square or rectangular "in order to maintain a neat and professional appearance."

- Female sailors can wear their hair down, below the lower edge of the collar of their blouse, jacket, or coat when they're in dinner dress uniforms.

Other branches of the military have also updated their hair policies for women in recent years, according to

The Marine Corps approved locks for women in in 2015 and the Army did the same earlier this year.

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