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Vegan expert linking meat-eating with racism is coming to UK

FESTIVAL: Christopher-Sebastian McJetters

LONG-TIME vegan and social justice advocate Christopher-Sebastian McJetters will be attending Vegfest Brighton this Saturday and Sunday. Vegfest is a two-day event which celebrates veganism with food stalls, cooking lessons, special talks and comedy sets.

McJetters is a staff writer at Vegan Publishers, part-time lecturer on speciesism at Columbia University, and social media manager of Peace Advocacy Network. His exploration into veganism focuses on examining the relationships between animal violence, anti-black racism, queer liberation and classism, while using his talents to inspire fellow vegans across the world. The advocate will be speaking at the annual festival this year, as well as hosting the other inspirational speakers who will be talking at VegfestUK.

For his talk, the academic will be discussing the present and historical connections between speciesism and racism and why animal liberation should be an important goal of black liberation.

Other celebrity attendees at Vegfest this year include former Downton Abbey actor Peter Egan, leading cyclist Kate Strong and more.

VegfestUK Brighton returns to a more modern and spacious venue, the Brighton Centre on March 11 and 12.

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