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Venue sorry after mixed-race actor denied entry at Ed Fringe

REFUSED ENTRY: Actor Layton Williams has said theatre staff accused him of looking suspicious

A THEATRE company has apologised after a mixed-race actor was refused entry to an Edinburgh Fringe event ‘based on his appearance’.

Layton Williams, who starred as the lead in Billy Elliot and acted in Jack Whitehall’s Bad Education used social media has called out the Assembly Hall door staff after he was denied access because staff apparently believed he resembled a patron who had “jumped the fence” a couple of weeks earlier.

“I just got kicked out of Assembly Fest [because] I looked ‘suspicious’. After asking security the reason why, apparently I looked liked someone who jumped the fence two weeks ago,” Williams said.

Assembly Festival tweet an apology to the 23-year-old. It read: “We would like to apologise Layton Williams for how the incident in George Square Gardens was handled by our staff and security last night. We are currently looking into the situation with our security contractor and will be investigating this further.”

The added that the managing director had spoken to Williams to personally apologise and that they were working closely to ensure such incidents are not repeated.

The actor said he was “furious” at the treatment he experienced.

In the video that Williams posted on Twitter, he said: “I’ve got the receipts but they don’t want to see the receipts.”

He pans the camera to the security staff at the venue that he said refused him entry based on their opinion that he looked like another patron who

He also said that one of the security guards warned him against posting the video he filmed after the incident on social media.

Williams said: “Also, the black security guy said, ‘If I see this vid on social media I’ll find you’ Well, hey I told you my @! How shameful for a brother to be apart of this process.”

The actor said that he reported the staff to the police. He said that although they were very understanding, they didn’t appear to think they could do anything but “have a word”.

Williams described the experience as “completely humiliated” and described the injustice as “wild”.

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