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Video: singer Popcaan attempts to blow dry daughter's hair

HAIR CARE: Popcaan has shared a video of himself attempting to do his daughter's hair

EVERY BLACK girl with kinky hair knows that blow drying can be one of the most challenging elements of wash day. And for Popcaan’s daughter, Rihanna, it seems that’s no different.

The singer, whose real name is Andrae Hugh Sutherland, posted a video of himself blow drying his daughter’s hair yesterday. While it seems he has the best of intentions, it looks like his technique could do with some work. At one point during his combing through of Rihanna’s hair, the comb attachment flies across the room.

While some fans have lauded the singer for doing his bit, others could not help but think that he may have been better off leaving it to the professionals.

One fan said on Twitter: “No ‘Caan nooo. Take that girl to a hairdresser.”

Watch the video below. Let us know what you think of Popcaan’s hair care skills.

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