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Virtual tech connects shoppers to Sierra Leonean communities

PICTURED: Isata and her family in Sierra Leone

WORLD VISION have announced the launch of a new virtual reality interactive installation that will connect shoppers in Reading to communities in Sierra Leone.

Graeme Newton, director of fundraising at World Vision UK said: “World Vision UK is very pleased to offer a brand new innovative new way for us to engage with the public. Village of Hope is an incredibly moving experience, as visitors get to realise first-hand what life is like for some of most vulnerable children in the world’s hardest places.”

He added: “With the exciting addition of virtual reality, we look forward to providing a more immersive way for shoppers to share in these children’s experiences for a few moments and learn more about our transformational work.”

The installation at The Oracle shopping centre in Reading will open its doors to visitors until the 6th May.

Entitled Village of Hope, the experience recreates a rural village in Sierra Leone, home to 12-year-old Isata.

Shoppers will get a glimpse into Isata and her family’s home before and after support from World Vision.

A mud hut depicts the life of the family before and a concrete structure, possible thanks to support from the charity, shows their current living standards.

Shoppers who visit the hut can sponsor a child like Isata and in doing so contribute life-changing support community life-changing support such as the provision of nutritious food, clean water, healthcare, education and income generation schemes.

Visitors can also browse a range of “must-have gifts” such as mosquito nets, water treatment kits and chicken and goats. These purchases will go towards transforming the lives of some of the world’s poorest communities.

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