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The Voice at the London Short Film Festival: Filmmaker Q&A

ACTION SHOT: Dionne Edwards

THE ANNUAL London Short Film Festival (LSFF) is in full-swing as we speak, showing a raft of productions with varied themes such as Global Movements and Midnight Movies, in selected venues including the Hackney Picturehouse.

The Voice caught-up with Dionne Edwards (pictured below), one of the filmmakers who's work is featured in Teenage Kicks; which is a collection of nine shorts showing this Saturday afternoon. Edwards' We Love Moses is the work in question and it follows her previous short Hi Miss! which was shown at the International Pan-African Film Festival in Cannes in 2015.

Q: This is not your first time featuring one of your pieces at the LSFF is it?

A: That’s right, my film Hi, Miss! played at last year’s LSFF. It’s really nice to be at the festival for the second year in a row.

Q: Why do you think your short, Hi Miss did so well, being picked-up by the International Pan-African Film Festival in Cannes and other festivals?

A: It played at the Pan-African Film Festival in Cannes, which I believe is one of the biggest black film festivals in Europe. It had a lot of screenings and picked up an audience award at the EastEnd Film Festival in 2015. A lot of short films are very self-serious and Hi, Miss! is just an easy watch - very simple, about two black teenagers connecting and having fun together. I think that’s why audiences liked it.

Q: We Love Moses (a scene from the film is pictured below) is 15 minutes long but sounds like an intense portrayal of the protagonist's feelings. How long did it take to develop and produce this 15-minute short?

A: It’s definitely more complex than the last one. It’s a coming-of-age story about a girl reflecting on the obsession she had with her brother’s best friend. It’s all about family, guilt and secrets. I actually first wrote the script in 2009 and short films don’t really take that long from script to production, but I wanted to do it right; so I spent some time making short films as practice and really learning how to direct. Over the years the script got tighter.

Q: What is it about the short that makes it seemingly your favourite medium?

A: It’s just a medium that has been accessible to me, whilst I’ve been learning over the years. It’s good practice and a lot cheaper than making a feature. I really love the discipline of short films - you have such a small window to tell a story and, if you do it right, you can still really connect with people. Though having said that, my dream has always been to make a feature-length film.

Q: What's next for you and your colleague Georgia Goggin, who produced We Love Moses, at Teng Teng Films?

A: We’re really excited. We’ve got a comedy web-series coming up - we’re collaborating with a really funny and talented writer, who I won’t mention yet. We’re also developing our first feature film, which is another passion-project of mine.

Book your tickets to see Dionne's film and the other shorts showing this Saturday by clicking here.

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