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The Voice's Black Business Fair marks a turning point

LAST SATURDAY, the inaugural Voice Black Business Fair was a perfect example of why it matters so much for people in our community to support black owned businesses.

Over 1,000 people gathered at Lambeth Town Hall to support those who had stands at the event, with the intention to shop from a diverse range of around 60 businesses and entrepreneurs.

And the range of products available at the fair was a testament to the drive and initiative of business owners in our community.

Products ranged from soaps made from ingredients found in Africa, black dolls and books for children, to authentic African-inspired clothing and Caribbean foods, delicacies and drinks.
It is often said people in the black community don’t support each other when it comes to business, that there is no desire to create collective wealth. However The Voice Black Business Fair was the perfect rebuttal to that argument.

It was inspiring to see black people buying products from other black people and engaging with each other rather than just talking about it. As has often been said, when black business owners are supported, they can generate wealth within the community.

It’s an achievable model of wealth advancement. Pooling money and resources creates a larger capital base, which allows for greater returns and a greater number of people who bene t.
There is boundless potential for wealth growth in the black community but it will take hard work, patience, and a gainful income.

So let’s all get motivated and make this happen. The Voice’s Black Business Fair has made a rst step in trying to achieve this goal of creating a better economic future for our community. Lip service will no longer cut it. People just complaining that there is not enough support for black businesses but doing nothing about it can no longer be a way of life.

These people must either put up or shut up and the individuals and businesses who are pressing forwards towards a brighter tomorrow must be given support.

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