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Watch 'The Rapper and the Griot' at the BCA this Friday

BLACK HISTORY IN MOTION: See 'The Rapper and the Griot' on Friday at the Black Cultural Archives

STORIE STORIE are pleased to announce their launch event at Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, 'The Rapper and the Griot', taking place this Friday (October 13) - scroll down for flyer with full details.

Storie Storie say that they are wholly dedicated to raising the awareness of an organisation that is keeping African tradition alive and the art of storytelling prominent.

The organisation's aim is to inspire greatness and preserve tradition, by creating energetic sessions that are designed to equip students with motivation and a growth mindset. Travelling internationally, they deliver engaging storytelling workshops that inspire, ignite and inform.

Alim Kamara, Storie Storie CEO expresses how “super excited we are to be launching Storie Storie” and hopes people will invest their time with a movement designed to conserve African history.

Unsurprisingly, their most popular month is October when they celebrate Black History Month and journey up and down the country. However, they believe that black history should be taught 365 days a year, to offer inspiration to young black Brits all of the time.

Just recently at a performance in the north of England, our storytellers Alim and Usifu received wonderful acclaim from a reviewer, who said:

"It is not often that I find myself lost for words...principally because I doubt if any words could do justice to the sheer happiness that radiated from the stage in waves, lifting the audience and transporting them from a rain-soaked thunderstorm in Settle to a rich, vibrant African world filled with music and laughter."

As a company, Storie Storie seeks to give back. They release free visual content in the form of storytelling, including videos and clips, they travel across the UK and use social media to inspire people with what they do. They also travel the globe to keep the tradition of African storytelling alive, going as far as dedicating time to charitable work in Africa using some of the finances they raise from performances to help children back home.

Storie Storie is an organisation that works with educational institutions to inspire through engaging storytelling workshops and motivational talks. From primary and secondary schools up to colleges and universities, the focus at Storie Storie is to motivate and inspire. Find out more at, call 07714587589 or email

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Twitter: StorieStorieHQ
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