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Watch Spike Lee's Hurricane Katrina documentary in London

INFORMATIVE: 'When the Levees Broke' offers a chance to revisit one of Spike Lee's factual projects

IN LIGHT of recent natural disasters like Hurricanes Irma and Maria running rampage over the Caribbean and America, it has been intriguing to see the varying levels of response from the authorities, elected to help those who now find themselves in need.

In fact, one may cast their minds back to August 2005, when Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans over eight days, killing almost 1,300 people in the process. It has since been identified as one of the most deadly hurricanes in American history.

The 43rd US President, George W. Bush, came under intense criticism for his slow response to the ongoing destruction in Louisiana and this forms the basis for much of Spike Lee's seminal documentary When the Levees Broke. This film will be screened by events company We Are Parable on November 12 at Stratford Picturehouse at 12pm, as part of their year-long film celebration of Lee's work.

"The Spike is 60 film festival has attempted to show all facets of Lee's filmmaking, and we feel that this work speaks to his influence and passion for being an activist for the people," We Are Parable co-founder Anthony Andrews said.

"It is such an important story to tell; seeing how New Orleans residents were not even given simple provisions like food and water, being called illegal aliens by their own government. It's a documentary that should remind you that little has changed."

Screening such an emotive film meant that the team wanted to provide an audience, who would be immersed within the work.

"The last thing we wanted to do is sit people down and just show the film," co-founder Teanne Andrews says.

"Instead we wanted to somehow incorporate the spoken word and dance elements into the event.

"When The Levees Broke is a powerful piece of work and whose screening by We Are Parable will represent the first time that this has been in shown in London in over a decade.

"The recent tragedies in not only America, but also in the UK - thinking about Grenfell Tower specifically - has put a different lens on this film, showing that so called developed countries still have a long way to go when protecting their most vulnerable." Anthony adds.

The film represents an excellent opportunity to see Spike Lee at his most vocal, visceral and political.


Spike is 60 presents: When the Levees Broke
Sunday 12th November 2017, 12pm
Picturehouse Central, Corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Great Windmill Street, Piccadilly, London W1D 7DH

For tickets, please click here.

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