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'We must avoid 'second injustice' for Windrush victims'


LABOUR MP Emma Reynolds has called on ministers to not only compensate Windrush scandal victims but to compensate them for the 'considerable distress' caused to those affected by the Government's 'hostile environment' policy.

This comes amid criticism of the Home Office proposal to cap awards from the Windrush compensation scheme.

Reynolds, MP for Wolverhampton North East, has submitted a formal response to the Home Office consultation, Express and Star reports.

In her response, she details the experiences of Wolverhampton resident Paulette Wilson, who wrongly had her right to remain in the UK withdrawn by the Home Office and was detained in an immigration removal centre. Reynolds highlighted the 'appalling and inhumane' way in which a number of her constituents have been treated.

“In my submission I called on the Government to fully compensate people for all financial losses incurred as a result of the Government’s hostile environment, and to go further and include compensation for the considerable distress caused to people including Paulette," said Reynolds.

PICTURED: Emma Reynolds

“If the government fails to do this then it will be inflicting a second injustice upon the Windrush generation.

"It must never be forgotten that the Windrush generation has made an enormous contribution to the UK and did nothing to deserve this mistreatment.

“When the final scheme is announced I will study it carefully to make sure that it addresses the points that I have made in my submission.

"If it does not I will not hesitate to raise this matter in Parliament and call for real justice for the Windrush generation.”

The Home Office announced a cap on compensation payments to ensure that no individual receives a 'disproportionately' high payout from the public purse.

The Windrush compensation scheme has been extended until November.

This article contains additional reporting form the Express and Star

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