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"We will hold UK Gov't to Windrush promises", says Ramocan

PICTURED: His Excellency, Sir Seth George Ramocan

JAMAICAN HIGH Commissioner to London, Seth George Ramocan, has said that his office is willing to hold the UK Government to promises made to investigate the wrongly deportation of citizens of Jamaican heritage following the Windrush scandal.

Speaking at an executive management and heads of diplomatic mission conference in New Kingston yesterday (Oct 9), he said the plan to compensate those who were wrongfully denied services under British laws must be carried through to the end.

“Where we are at [now] is to ensure that what is promised is delivered, and the way in which we do this is to have regular interactions with the Home Office as well as to have reports from the Home Office on just what the progress is,” Ramocan said

According to The Gleaner, he said, however, that what’s slowing down the process is the pace at which those wrongly forward are coming forward

“Where we want more input is from the persons who are affected to come forward because you cannot relate concerns unless it is known," he added.

“I am not speaking of persons only in the UK, I am also talking to those in Jamaica, who have experienced in some way deportation, not of the criminal kind, but deported out of the zeal of the UK Government to get individuals out of the country who were not regarded as properly documented.”

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